Hedge Trimming

4Season’s Landscaping perform Hedge Trimming in Lethbridge and Taber .Hedge After

We understand that caring for your hedges can be time consuming and physically draining. We will be happy to do the necessary maintenance required for your hedges so you won’t have to. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we trim your hedges at affordable prices with superior quality. Whatever the size of your hedge, we have the equipment and qualified team to satisfy you.

When Should Hedge Trimming Be Done?

4Season’s Landscaping recommends regular hedge trimming twice a year. Once in the beginning of spring and the other one before autumn. Trimming your hedges in the spring enables us to take out any dead or broken branches that have been caused by the harsh weather in winter months. Hedges slow down its growth during late summer and therefore, it is the optimal time for a second trim to keep its shape until next spring.


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Shrub & Tree Trimming

Shrub & Tree Trimming is essential for proper growth. Maintaining your shrubs and trees will add beauty to your property. Proper  trimming requires knowing when and how to achieve the best results for your landscaping. Most shrubs & trees will display their appreciation for trimming with healthy and balanced growth. Without trimming, many shrubs and trees can fall victim to disease and may suffer from crowding due to excess growth. 

Many shrubs and trees need a seasonal trim to look good for the following year. Untrimmed shrubs and trees will leave a shaggy and unattractive appearance. Eventually the overgrowth will flop over in wind and rain. Trimming twice every season is best for reducing the size of overgrown trees and shrubs. Shrubs & Trees that have not been trimmed for a few seasons develop several problems. They grow too tall, have bare spots or lean into the yard.

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Shrub&Tree Pruning

Shrub and Tree pruning can be done for various reasons and it's the most common tree maintenance procedure. 4Season’s Landscaping perform Shrub and Tree pruning in Lethbridge and Taber. Whether it’s for design, health, structure, clearance, light and air penetration, or safety reasons, we collaborate with our clients, aiming to exceed their expectations.

Different Types of Tree Pruning

•Crown Cleaning. Crown cleaning helps trees optimizes health and productive growth. This is done by removing dead, poorly attached, and diseased branches. This type of pruning enables your trees to be clean and looking brand new.

•Crown Thinning. Crown thinning helps by providing sufficient air circulation and increasing light penetration throughout the tree. By visually examining the tree, we remove “thin”certain areas of the tree. 

•Crown Raising. Crown raising is done when the owner of the tree needs or wants the lower parts of the tree removed. This can be done for tree shaping effects, clearance of windows being obstructive, or interference of lawn mowing or gardening purposes.

•Crown Reduction. Crown reduction is done for most of the same reasons people perform to crown raising. Crown reduction involves reducing the overall size of the tree.

Do I Really Need Shrub and Tree Pruning?

Tree Pruning is usually done in order to take out dead branches of your tree, eliminate potential safety hazards, and to maximize air and light penetration. Removing deadwood from shrubs and trees should be done on a regular basis. This prevents fungal, bacterial, and even viral pathogens from developing. Pruning also inhibits infestations of ants and termites from forming. Deadwood from trees have the risk of collapsing that can cause serious harm or injury. This is particularly common during harsh weather of Alberta.

Factors that encourages homeowners to obtain Shrub Pruning are to reduce the height or size of a shrub, and to design or shape it. Furthermore, it facilitates growth of newer branches and increased air and light penetration.

Properly cared trees and shrubs can significantly add value to your home!

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