Lawn Care

Claim your summer back! By hiring a professional Lawn Care for the summer, you won’t have to touch a lawn mower again. With regularly scheduled visits, your lawn will enjoy weekly haircuts and trim, ensuring a healthy looking lawn.

Mowing Services Include:

   •  Mowing – grass cutting & trimming around trees, shrubs and fence lines

   •  Edging of sidewalks and driveways

   •  Once the trim has been completed, we always blow off your walkways to give your yard a well maintained and clean look.

Large or small, rental properties or your home, we have the right solution for your needs. We take pride in being a reliable service for homeowners,  landlords and property management companies.

 There may be an extra charge for the first edging service, if it has not been previously done and is extremely overgrown. There will also be an extra charge if the grass is really tall requiring us to mow it twice (or more), and it takes us a lot more time to make it look somewhat professional. Cutting excessively tall grass can cause brown spots on your lawn, too. Be sure to keep it maintained, so that no more than 1/3 of the grass blades are cut each time.

 Starting At Just $39.95 per week ! *

You will see your lawn improvements right after first visit, give us a try to prove it!

Before & After Our First Visit

After Before After Before After

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