Rock Mulch Installation

Do You Need Rock Mulch On Your Property? We Can Help! 

4Season’s Landscaping provides Mulch Installation at a price you can afford. Rock mulch will reduce water evaporation from soil, help control weed growth and beautify your landscape. It is a natural product, long lasting and easy to maintain when properly installed.

Benefits of rock mulch:

Long-lasting, never needs replaced

Lower cost over time – Rock Mulch is a one-time expense

Variety – many colors, shapes, and sizes available.

Disadvantages of Rock Mulch:

Installed cost.

Gravel is heavy, making DIY installation difficult

Must be used with an edge barrier to keep rocks out of your lawn

Must use a weed barrier underneath rocks

Requires regular picking up of leaves and plant debris to prevent weeds

Rocks absorb and reflect heat, making the ground and plants warmer.

When to Use Rock

Rocks work best around buildings, under decks, around a fire pit, and around swimming pools and equipment. When it comes to plants, landscape rocks are best used around heat-resistant shrubs and trees that will be around for years to come. Both the weight of the rocks and the weed barrier make it difficult to replant annuals every year, and the rocks will intensify the heat from the sun.

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